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Grantown Motormania

Grantown Motormania

Grantown Motormania has been running for more than 20 years. Despite its small and rural location, this car show pulls visitors from all around the world. This lovely little Scottish village offers a warm and friendly welcome. This characterful place closes off its high street every year at the beginning of September to host this event.

The Cars

Each year around 400 vehicles are shown. In the show, there is a mix of cars, tractors, campervans and bikes. All the vehicles are beautifully and immaculately presented. Wandering around the show, you can see how motor vehicles have changed over the years. There are always some fantastic historic vehicles, parked up against them some exciting and futuristic modern cars.

The cars are parked all the way down the closed-off high street. On the pavement next to the cars are row after row of stalls. You can find practically anything car-related that you're looking for.

For gearheads everywhere, this is a great show. The real selling point of this car show is that unlike most other shows, it is not held in a field. Which means that even if the weather isn’t great, the cars still look good, and you don’t have to pack wellies.


For loved ones who get dragged to car shows there is plenty more going on and the scenery is amazing. Because the show is on the High Street all of the local shops are open. So you can pop into the local boutique shops and enjoy the unique local cafes and restaurants. You won’t find any chain shops on this high street, and it is a great opportunity to support small businesses and to buy local.

The whole event is very family-friendly. Past events have included dance and musical performances by local groups. These have included country dancing and local choirs. A staple of the show is the Finale. All of the cars drive in a parade out of the square following behind the local pipe band. It’s a lovely finish to a great day out.

You can find out more about this exciting event here.

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